Project Description

Goal of this campaign was to raise awareness, and promote the use of city transport, as well as the financial stability of such system. BusPlus is the payment method for the GSP Belgrade, Belgrade tram system, Lasta Beograd (only in public transport in Belgrade) and BG TRAIN. It is a thin, plastic card on which the customer electronically loads fares. The BusPlus is managed by company Apex Technology Solutions. Public authorities state that BusPlus was implemented to increase the revenue of the public transit authority and to improve the public transport system by getting better information on usage. Reports from September 2012 have indicated that the overall revenue has increased. System is installed by Kentkart, an automatic fare collection system integrator company.

Project Details

  • Client

    Apex Technology Solutions

  • Skills

    • Videography
    • Photography
    • Scripting
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